Violoncello piccolo




The violoncello piccolo is a small sized cello which was invented by J. S. Bach to enlarge the range of making passages in high registers more confortable. To a 4 strings cello an extra upper string was added with the following tuning: C-G-d-a-e'.

The violoncello piccolo with 5 strings I'm building is based on the original one from Barak Norman (1670-1740), London 1730.

Barak Norman is considered one of the eariest maker of cello in England . The vibrating string length of the instrument is 57,5 cm . As most of Barak Norman's viols also this cello has an elaborate double purfling on both belly and back as well as some geometrical inlaid purfling decorations on the back of the instrument and a floral design on the belly.

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