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Interesting links for viola da gamba & early music players

Early Music News

Federation of Viola da Gamba Societies

A brief Introduction To the Playing on the Bass-Viol by Playford

Viola da gamba links

Viola da Gamba Society - Poland

Die Viola da Gamba - Gesellschaft

Société Française de Viole de Gambe

Australian Viola da Gamba Society

Saraband Music

Universale gut strings

Blumberg's Music Theory

Joëlle Morton: Historical Bass Website

Baroque Cello International Society

New Music Label


Links to instruments maker's home page


Marcello Armand-Pilon Lute maker (ITALY)

Hoffmann & Rook Violin makers (GERMANY)

David Van Zandt Violin maker (USA)

Filip Kuijken Violin maker (JAPAN)

Dmitry Badiarov Violin maker (JAPAN)

Daniel Deitch Historical Woodwinds (USA)

Cristina Ternovec Carvings on musical instruments (ITALY)

Fausto Cangelosi Bow maker (ITALY)

Tsuruta Makoto Maker of Plucked Instruments (JAPAN )

Stefano Conia 'Il Giovane' Violin maker (ITALY)

Luca Piccioni Lute maker (ITALY)

Links to early music player's home page

Alain Gervreau Baroque cello (FRANCE)

Diana Milani Viola da gamba (GERMANY)

Shaun Ng Viola da gamba (SINGAPORE)

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